What is there to be PROUD of?


What do you take PRIDE in?

Well one thing is undeniable...Summer has arrived! And "arrived" doesn't seem sufficient when describing the fanfare accompanying the start of this summer in particular. It feels more like an awakening. Summer has awakened!!!  And with this awakening, comes so much hope, promise, relief, freedom, excitement, inspiration, love, and (fittingly) PRIDE! 

The year that has passed since the last LGBTQ+ Pride month felt like an eternity that dragged us through what at times felt like a torturous succession of hurdle after challenge after devastation after tragedy after failure and on and on.... suffice it to say, at least speaking for myself, it's been them most challenging year I've survived in my 40 trips around the sun, and one that has impacted me more severely than i could have imagined at the start.

But survive I did. And here I am, here we all are! And if there's one thing Im certain of, it's this.We, and I speak not only to my Gay brothers and sisters but to everyone,  WE ALL deserve a break to just breathe and celebrate and rejoice! WE ARE HERE!! We are humbled, We are grateful, WE ARE PROUD.

A few days ago, I was with a good friend and we were talking about PRIDE and our work and just reflecting on the year, and I asked him "What do i have really, to be PROUD of?'" His answer, as his tend to be, was just transforming and insightful, and he reminded me.....I'm proud to be living a life guided by love and art and truth, Im proud that I always look for the best in people, Im proud that I wear my heart on my sleeve, Im proud to have loved in my life, Im proud to have made it this far, Im proud of my journey even with all of it''s failures, Im proud to be living in truth today  more than yesterday. Im proud of my courage, and my strength, and my hope. 

I hope this letter serves as a reminder to check in with yourself and appreciate what you take the most PRIDE in. Then have a cocktail, let out a laugh, or a tear, and just enjoy for a moment the PRIDE of being alive. 

And then buy some of my art. ;)

hahahaha. I love you

Happy Pride!