PHOTOS: The Roaring Twenties are back on Governor's Island!!

New York City knows how to throw a party. And it certainly has no shortage on one of a kind, no where else in the world experiences to offer the millions of visitors that come from around the globe each year to feel that exhilarating energy that can only be felt when you walk this city's infamous streets. But the thing I love most about living in this city, is it's unique ability to continually offer new and exciting experiences for it's residents who are arguably the hardest folks on the planet to impress and excite. Even after a pandemic that decimated our city it manages to serve up and surprise, with an experience that, while not new to the city, returns with a fresh energy and an urgent call as it's mission. As I disembarked the ferry to Governor's Island late Sunday morning, in the distance I could hear the sweet sound of music from a by-gone era as though calling  us to it, guiding us through the trees with a delicate urgency that would be impossible to ignore. After a short walk (and vaccination record checkpoint and bag search) we had arrived, and everything I could see taking place on the great lawn before me made it clear just what that mission was: New York City is back. And the time to celebrate is right now.

Here, here.

Welcome to the Jazz Age Lawn Party! 

I'm pleased to share with you some of my favorite images from the party.

For more information about The Jazz Age Lawn Party click here. For more information and to plan a visit to Governor's Island click here.