PHOTOS: Cid In Vanity Fair Magazine!

Check out Cid in Vanity Fair!

Cid and his original work 'Santa Fe' are featured in the ICONIC publication's November Issue which hits worldwide newsstands today! Check out the image and blurb below! In Cid's own words: 

           "This is obviously a game changer and I couldn't be more thrilled to finally share this incredible news that I've had to sit on for months. You, my amazing supporters and collectors, are the first to know. As always it's important you know that this and all of my greatest achievements, are only possible because of your support, your encouragement and feedback, and your purchases at They allow me to continue to do what I love and it is with deep gratitude I say THANK YOU for believing in me and my work. Now go to and buy 'Santa Fe' before it's sold out!!