PHOTOS: Everything was beautiful at the Ballet.

Everything is beautiful at the ballet.

I recently had the great privilege of completing a special piece commissioned by the Norwalk Metropolitan Youth Ballet for the lobby of their studios in Norwalk, CT. It was quite an adventure and proved challenging and exhilarating, both artistically and technically as Id never created work so large ( the finished piece will be nearly 6" x 4.5"). The whole process from being in the studio to photograph the dancers, to assembling the piece itself, was a truly gratifying and exciting task.I thought it might be a good opportunity to share with you all some of the process behind the work you've become accustomed to seeing from me. I hope you'll enjoy this little Behind the Scenes into the creation of "Ballet," my commission for NMYB. Then keep an eye out next week for a report on the unveiling of the finished piece.

Work began with a day of shooting at the NMYB studios in Norwalk, CT.

Next comes the fun part, when i get to begin creating and assembling the layers that will make the final piece. Below is the first layer in the Ballet piece, and the end of Day One of editing.

Day Two of Editing creates several more layers to the piece similar to layer one, and then i can begin stacking the layers, which inspires the creation of even more layers! You see why i call the series Layers yet?

Another Day (and NIght ) of Editing, and the piece as you can see becomes more complex and textured as layer upon layer get created and added.

By the Fourth Day of Editing, the piece has taken on a totally new form, and must be reviewed closely and carefully to look for any errors or flaws that are noticeable or are distracting, and in addition bening time consuming and tedious, always lead to adjustments being made to the piece as a whole, and often even to the creation of what?..... you guessed it. More LAYERS!!

In the end the completed piece took on yet another form and was totally re worked and adjusted again and even more layers added. In all, the final piece contains
17 layers made from nearly 400 photos!


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