PHOTOS: Little Amal is welcomed in the streets of Harlem.

Little Amal, the 12 foot tall puppet of a young refugee girl, has arrived in New York City and was welcomed by throngs of celebratory New Yorkers Monday as she danced her way through the streets of Harlem accompanied by a jazz band, choir, members of The National Black Theater, The Harlem School of the Arts, The Kotchenga Dance Company, and local media and members of the press. Amal, who's name means "hope" in Arabic, has been making headlines since she began her walk in early 2021, and has since traveled over 9,000 km through 12 countries, 85 cities, and has met over 1 million people across the globe, spreading her one urgent message... "don't forget about us," referring to the tens of thousands of boys and girls worldwide displaced from their homelands by war, terror, violence, famine, and disease. 

I was fortunate enough to have been with Amal today as she danced her way into the hearts and minds of the thousands of onlookers who greeted her. It was an experience unlike any I've had, and one I'll never forget. The unity and solidarity I witnessed come alive in people who encountered her was nothing short of miraculous. If only we could all harness the magic this little refuge girl exudes, the captivating and powerful joy and love emanating from her smile and that whimsical twirl of innocence....well, the world would be saved, and all of us in it left with no choice but to live in harmony and peace. It was a slice of heaven. I hope my photos the experience bring a taste of it to your life. 

 Thank you Amal!!!




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